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Toni Muldoon


Michael Walsh

When notorious time share bogeyman, Toni Muldoon, appeared before Ipswich Crown Court in 2013, he was handed down a 7 years, 5 months sentence. His despicable crimes were committed mostly but not exclusively on the Costa del Sol.
The trial, during which scores of witnesses included 35 Trading Standards Officers, lasted 11 weeks. The court heard sordid details of Muldoon having duped 17,300 innocent investors. From his spacious offices situated in Fuengirola the master conman is said to have netted €6.6 million. The actual number of victims, and the true amount of loot squirrelled away by Muldoon and his henchmen, will never be known.

When Muldoon plundered people’s bank accounts he did so on an industrial scale. Many were involved, some innocent, others collaborators. The crook boasted to author and newspaper writer, Michael Walsh: “I am the most successful time share scam artist in the Mediterranean.”

Such was his audacity that Muldoon set up a company that charged substantial fees for investigating time share scams that his company had committed. Time share scam was only one part of his empire built on deception. He ran escort agencies, boat trips. Part of his cockiness was due to Muldoon thinking he was untouchable. Self-delusional, he had been arrested, charged, and sentenced to a lengthy period in gaol earlier in his life.
Now, a confessional account of his duplicitous life as a master conman has been published by author Michael Walsh: “Muldoon was self-effacing; extraordinarily candid. When I asked Muldoon why he was so free spoken on matters that could earn him lengthy sentences, he merely shrugged.”

Muldoon’s candid revelations, exclusively divulged to Michael Walsh, reveal a colourful life of pilfering, fraud, violence, deceit, and illicit affairs. Had Muldoon reached a point in his life when he felt the only way to face his creator was to face up to his past?

Due to be released from prison in 2016, the tourists and residents of Costa Spain will be looking for more than sunshades to take cover under when Muldoon returns. It can only be hoped that prison taught him a lesson rather than taught him new tricks.

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