“The Way We Were”


Julie and Mike Cliffe-Jones upped sticks from their corporate ties in the UK at the turn of the millennium, to move to the little Spanish island of Lanzarote. They moved over with a few of their personal possessions, two young children and an old English Sheepdog.

They’ve written two books about their experiences and are close to completing the third. The first two books both reached the top of the Amazon bestseller list, and they’re humorous, honest and full of excellent anecdotes.

The first: Living in Lanzarote, charts the planning for the move, their arrival onto the island, how their first business idea was a bad one, and what they did to survive during their first few years, slowly integrating into island life.

Book two: Still Living In Lanzarote, covers the rapid growth of their business, becoming a significant employer on the island, their purchase of a grand old house and then how they struggled to cope with the financial crisis, effectively having to start again. The couple also took on the fearsome challenge of the Lanzarote Ironman Triathlon during this time.

Book three: Never Leaving Lanzarote follows their pivot into a new business, how they grew it once again to become one of the island’s best known names, dealing with the children leaving home, the start of their travels around the world, and brings us right up to date to let readers know what happened during the pandemic.

You can search Amazon for the first two books, which are available on Kindle, and you can find out more about them, order paperbacks, or register to find out when the latest book is out here: https://lanzaroteinformation.co.uk/lanzarote-books-guides/

15 years later