Joyce Yarrow

Joyce Yarrow is a Pushcart Prize nominee whose books “appeal to those who enjoy unusual stories with an international setting.” – Library Journal

Joyce’s latest novel, Zahara and the Lost Books of Light, is set in Andalusia, where she explored the pueblos blancos, ‘white towns’ that spill down the Alpujarra hillsides. She was very fortunate to meet some fascinating people who generously shared their stories. As a character from the books says, “There are more family secrets buried in Spain than a thousand earthquakes can dislodge.”

About the Book

Seattle journalist Alienor Crespo travels to Spain to claim the promise of citizenship offered to the descendants of Jews expelled from Spain in 1492. As Alienor relives history through her vijitas (visits) with her ancestors, she also confronts modern-day extremism and commits herself to protecting an endangered “Library of Light” – a hidden treasure trove of medieval Hebrew and Arabic books, saved from the fires of the Inquisition. This “Library of Light” is being protected by a secretive group of literary caretakers. Alienor joins their struggle to safeguard the priceless manuscripts from discovery and destruction by a fanatical group.

Praise for Zahara and the Lost Books of Light

“In this dazzling voyage through time we come face to face with the possibilities that result from embracing the legacies and knowledge of those who came before us.” Teofilo Ruiz, Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus of History and of Spanish and Portuguese
Awarded the National Humanities Medal by President Barack Obama

“Zahara and the Lost Books of Light is an extraordinary entry into another world, compelling, mysterious, and magical. The story is located in today’s Spain but the strong echoes of Al-Andalus during the period of the Alpujarras Uprising and the Spanish Civil War bring a reality and a vividness to the narrative that strikes me as very authentic.” Stephan Roman, former Director of the British Council’s cultural programmes in Europe, North America and South Asia

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December 2020
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