Slow Travels in Unsung Spain

Brett Hetherington

Slow Travels in Unsung Spain

With both of his kidneys failing, the author decides to explore his adopted home country. His destination? The rural childhood hometown of a great Spanish writer who is almost unheard of outside Spain.

Slow Travels in Unsung Spain is a warts n’all trip through some of Spain’s hidden gems: towns, cities, landscapes and cultural highlights that are typically overlooked by foreign tourists but which the Spanish often keep to themselves.

With an eye for the quirky and offbeat, Brett Hetherington makes sharp-eyed observations about the food, culture, history and contemporary news stories of each place he breathes the street-life in.

Against a backdrop of strikes and continuing economic hardship across Spain, the author travels alone by rail and bus, encountering the vibrant heritage of the regions, including a singing Gypsy by an ancient well in remote, unspoilt Extremadura, the creativity and resilience of a gourmet beggar in the big city of Zaragoza and a lone disabled pilgrim going home from the Camino de Santiago after quitting the road.

As well, he discovers intrepid ex-pats who are carving out their own lives away from international communities.

Mérida, Badajoz, Extremadura

Slow Travels in Unsung Spain is new and fresh because it largely ignores Spain’s over-developed coastal resorts and islands, bypassing the standard fare of Spain’s beaches and fiestas or clichés around bullfighting, the siesta, and football.

Instead the author uncovers the real heartland where the next future waves of tourism could well be. He also draws on the words of other writers from the past who have also visited or lived in these areas.

Brett Hetherington is a long-time Spanish resident and journalist. His sweet-and-sour travelogue uncovers a deeper Spain that has a rich culture and past, alive and well in these hidden corners of Europe.

Slow Travels in Unsung Spain by Brett Hetherington

ISBN-10 : 1949643042. ISBN-13 : 978-1949643046. Publisher : Apocryphile Press, USA, 2019. (Available at Amazon.)
Travelogue/memoir from a long-time resident of Catalonia with many literary, culinary and contemporary cultural references.
Nick Inman, from Rough Guides called it “a compelling and eclectic narrative full of the unexpected.”

Brett and his beloved Telma