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History of liquid gold

LICOR 43, sometimes described as “liquid gold” due to it’s distinctive golden shine, is Spain´s No.1 selling liqueur. The result of a long standing and renowned tradition from southern Spain, today LICOR43 continues to grow in popularity around the world.

The recipe dates back to a mysterious brew that was revered by the ancient Iberians of around 200 B.C. The secret formula has been passed from generation to generation… Finally, in 1924 it was acquired by Diego Zamora, who bought it along with a small distillery in Cartagena and commenced producing and marketing the liqueur worldwide.

A unique personality

Its harmonious combination of mellowness and temperament, modest elegance and spicy refinement makes LICOR 43 unique – and uniquely versatile. It tastes delicious and is very popular on the rocks and mixes outstandingly with a variety of ingredients, harmonizing equally well with Cava, Champagne and sparkling wine or fruit juices, syrups and soda. Cool and trendy: Add a liberal dash of LICOR 43 to crèmes, ice cream and fruit salad, latte macchiato and other coffee drinks.

A unique taste
LICOR 43 is a hit in bars and in shops and has become a star. The secret of its success? Not least of all, it´s the secret aromatic composition of deliciously ripe citrus fruits, spicy Mediterranean herbs, selected vegetable essences and aromatic spices with a sensuous hint of vanilla.

International brand
Today, LICOR 43 is distributed in over 60 countries throughout the world, making it Spain’s most widely exported liqueur. No other liqueur can maintain its strength of character when mixed in so many ways – try it with any kind of juice, tea or coffee. LICOR 43 is now starting a new success story in the UK, with demand rapidly rising amongst British consumers.

LICOR 43 is now available in ASDA, HARRODS AND SELFRIDGES.

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