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image1 (1)A Fun Journey With Language and Food

A Fun Journey With Language and Food by Viviana Mejenes Calderón de la Barca, has lots of quirky and interesting facts about food, and animals, and plants, and cultures. The texts will go down well performed to an audience. The publication’s great strength, as I see it, is that it’s full of lively, interesting and idiomatic Spanish, which makes it a good text for learning the language.
— Prof. Derek Rogers, Rational Language Learning, UK.

This is a really interesting read and you discover all sorts of useful, fun and random facts about food – hot dogs and Botox are a good example. Who’d have thought it?. I liked how it’s written in two languages – a very innovative idea – and definitely bi-lingual because you need to have a good
command of both Spanish and English to follow it. A great idea and an education for anyone interested in food.
— Joanna Styles, copywriter and content creator.

A Fun Journey with Language and Food is a compilation of easy to read and follow stories, part in English and Spanish, of the author’s gastronomic journey throughout the intrinsic relationship of language and food.

A Fun Journey With Language And Food provokes a fit of the giggles artfully with its content, through cultures and a myriad of food terms that unimaginably relate to each other. This work is the result of hours of dedication and research on the interplay between word- and food-related encounters and communication with people from diverse linguistic backgrounds. It is also about the place of some food terms in the world of cultures and languages
— a delicious learning experience through a fun compilation of stories that will take you to many sorts of places linguistically with food!

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