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Sierra Espuña Natural Park

The Sierra Espuña Natural Park is home to the Region of Murcia’s largest
expanse of woodland and is one of its most emblematic landscapes. These days
it is green and leafy thanks to the reforestation work carried out at the end of the
19th century. In 2005, the park became the first in the Region to obtain Q for
Tourism Quality certification. The districts of Mula and Pliego nestle between the
Sierra Espuña and the Sierra de Ricote and have a rich legacy of customs and
traditions. Their stunning countryside makes them ideal stopping points on a visit
to the interior of the Region.

Also of interest are Alhama de Murcia, Totana and Aledo, towns renowned for their
potteries located under the watchful presence of the watch-tower that commands
the entire area, which was once the setting of bitter skirmishes between Moors and

Located in Totana, the La Bastida Archaeological Site was an Argar civilisation
settlement founded in around 2200 BC and the first in Western Europe. Here
visitors can see how La Bastida was inhabited over almost seven centuries. The
Barranco de Gebas protected landscape in Alhama is another must, where visitors
will feel as if they are on the moon because of the absence of vegetation and the
unusual rock formations.

The Sierra Espuña, with its varied and contrasting landscapes and environments
and its array of services, offers visitors an extensive repertoire of options for
relaxing and making the most of their free time. The area is an invitation to go back
to basics, where visitors can immerse themselves in time-honoured traditions,
culture and gastronomy and enjoy unrivalled and varied surroundings. There is
plentiful accommodation in the area, ranging from camp sites to country manor
houses with all manner of facilities and services. There is also an Interpretation
Centre that provides an introduction to all aspects of the Park as well as a number
of companies and clubs offering a range of appealing activities such as climbing,
paragliding, orienteering and kayaking.

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