Detailed Information for students of history and architecture.

Interview with Karla Darocas, Hons. B.A. Fine Arts Historian, Educator, Researcher, Journalist, Photographer.

** How did this educational book idea come about?

I have been teaching Spanish history and architecture for a long time and I was getting frustrated that there were no books in English that I could refer my students towards.

I normally teach with a slideshow in a classroom situation, however, last year I decided to take my students on a “walkabout” in Xàbia / Jávea, and lecture while actually looking at the real buildings.

After these events, it was asked of me to prepare a textbook with detailed information and photographs of this walking lecture.

** Did you learn anything new?

Yes. I was surprised that by going deeper into the past of the area and talking with the local museum curator, I was able to find out many other fascinating details.

** How did you structure it?

I started in 1010 with the rise of the Muslim population taking over and ruling in the Marina Alta region from their stronghold in Dénia.

Then I advanced to the Christian era with a look at the royal conquest and subsequent nobel rulers.

All the way through, I detail the various construction methods, architectural designs and decorative details of the Gothic era in Xàbia There are no websites in English that really explain anything of value. They just copy each other and do not give a true representation of the importance and glory of Xàbia.

** Have you created something unique?

Yes. There is no other book like it out there in the world. Believe me… I have looked.

I created something that will serve my students well in their enlightenment towards historical truth and architectural reality, not just of Xàbia, but of the region and Spain at large.

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Detailed information about XÀBIA / JÁVEA and its history and architecture.
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