Valencia Dream, 2020

Dawna Mae Mangeart, Valencia

” Foggy Fiesta in Valencia” 12×16 inches original watercolor painting

STORY: This painting depicts the Plaza de la Virgen in Valencia, Spain. This is a very charming plaza at the heart of the city that offers tourists a breath from the hustle bustle. It has a laid-back ambiance feel that makes you want to chill out and just enjoy the scenery. When I painted it, I imagined myself back to Roman times, how the fiestas were in this magnificent place. I decided to make it foggy to have this romantic and dreamy atmosphere!

” Valencia in Time” 12×16 inches original watercolor painting

This painting depicts the “Calle Bolsera in Valencia”.

STORY: This street I found particularly magnificent because it’s packed with spectacular architecture, I love the lamps! I painted it out of excitement and joy having settled in this beautiful place 9 months ago. From the best paella (Valencia’s own) to the beaming streets, it’s absolutely a place to be painted. When I painted it, I just understood why I always had this “Spanish Dream Destination”. Valencia can offer you both, the old and new Spain!

“Valencia at Dawn” 12×16 inches original watercolor painting

This painting depicts the “Calle Bolsera in Valencia”.

STORY: This street is one of the best streets I’ve ever set upon in Valencia, it will send you straight away to that Spanish atmosphere you’ve always dreamed of. I did a different approach in painting with this one. I mixed “loose and dry technique” which gives you both that free flowing effect but also that contrast and crispiness. I was very happy with the result and felt the need to do more!

Valencia Dream, 2020

“Valencian Dream” 12×16 inches original watercolor painting of Valencia Spain,

STORY: Valencia is one of the best cities if not the best city we have set upon, it is huge but it still has this countryside feel. I painted this fountain out of love of its beauty and splendor. Fountain symbolizes great changes in our lives and this is what I exactly feel right now. Having in Spain made us realize a lot of things in life as a small French-family in a whole new country. I did some negative technique on the fountain and left the white paper for the water flow. I decided to add some mist to add more atmosphere.

Dawna Mae Mangeart, Valencia

Dawna is a French-Filipino artist who started drawing/painting at a very young age. Her impressionist style evolved from life’s experience and travels all over the world. She was born in a small town in the Philippines and left the country to explore further horizons. She spent many years in Paris where she experienced the first hand beauty of impressionism. Her artworks bestow lights and contrast with freeflow of colors and water.

She studied at West Visayas State University in the Philippines and pursued a teaching career. However, after traveling in Asia from 2017 to 2019 her love for arts slowly came back as she was fascinated with the watercolor process. Now, she is an emerging artist who’s influenced by Taiwan’s Chung-Chien Wei and Joseph Z.

Her works are now part of private collections in the USA, Canada, France, Germany, and Spain. She looks forward to hosting solo expositions in Spain and France at the end of this year and starts a career as an art teacher this October 2020. Her dream is to become a well-established watercolorist around the world.

She is a firm believer of this saying that “Practice doesn’t make you perfect, but it helps you become better everyday”. She takes the challenge and joy everyday as she paints landscape, portrait, or anything connected to nature. She believes that as an artist she has the chance to showcase the beauty of the world and therefore, the reasons to preserve it. For her, every art should have a purpose, without it, it’s dead. In every painting, she tells stories and how the audience will feel just by glancing at it. For Dawna, “the best painting in the world is the one that touches one’s soul and takes you to your dream destination.”

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