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Thrilled with this book!
August 28, 2013, Elle (Almeria, Spain)

This review is from: A Thousand Miles From Nowhere (Kindle Edition)

From the very first paragraph in this book, I knew it was going to grip me.

Page after page… chapter after chapter… and I wished I was heading along on the road trip with “Saff” and her eclectic mix of “friends”.

The story follows Saff as she is trying to come to terms with a broken heart. As part of her healing process, she finds herself in Spain… bombing along with various groups of people… exploring drink and drugs… and plenty of sex with hot men too!

There are some very colourful characters in the book, from Mat with his dreads and accompanying dog Norman, to Adam the long term friend. Saff gets into all manner of scrapes, but there is none of the normal travelling stories that you would find elsewhere.

I would recommend this book to anyone thinking of throwing caution to the wind and heading off on a backpacking holiday. It certainly isn’t a sales pitch – far from it – but it gives plenty of inspiration and more than a few warnings.

Is this a travel book? Not really. Is this is a romance novel? Kind of but only slightly. Is this addictive? Most definitely.

If I had to say one negative comment, it was that the ending wasn’t to my taste… but I am not your usual reader… so don’t let that put you off.

Highly recommended for those of us that wished we’d travelled more as youngsters… and those that did it and want to re-live it in full technicolour.

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