The ‘Spanish Exile’ Crew Goes Back into the Fray

The documentary film project launches its new crowdfunding campaign on the American platform Indiegogo.

Los Angeles. October 4, 2013. The “Spanish Exile” crew goes back into the fray with a new crowdfunding campaign that is set to launch on the American platform Indiegogo on October 7th, with a 60-day duration. The new campaign, on top of being longer than the first campaign, will also be more flexible and better suited to the project, with a new funding goal of $10,000 (approx. €7, 400).

The first crowdfunding campaign for “Spanish in Exile” on the Spanish all-or-nothing platform, Verkami, failed to reach its funding target, so it was unable to keep any of the pledges made. Nevertheless, the project promoted by Ruben Hornillo, a young Spanish filmmaker based in Los Angeles, received considerable media coverage and a large social media following, convincing him to try again with a new campaign on Indiegogo.

Ruben Hornillo says that he felt “morally obligated to carry on with the project, because the current wave of Spanish emigration has done nothing but increase, despite the euphemisms used by politicians like ‘external mobility’ to sugarcoat this authentic drama. And also because I can’t disappoint the thousands of people who have shown their support since the project was first announced.” This time he hopes to combine the funds raised through the new crowdfunding campaign with sponsorships from businesses and organizations that stand in solidarity with the situation of this “lost generation” of young Spaniards who have been forced into exile in search of a livelihood that they are being denied in their home-country.

Every day more and more voices are backing the theory that some of us began to tout a few years ago when we were called defeatist and antipatriotic; that while the average Spanish citizen is deeply suffering the effects of this “crisis”, a select few are reaping tremendous benefits from it. And yet, anyone who dares to speak up about it is systematically met with screaming voices offering no valid economic arguments, trying to silence them through insults and ridicule.

Now the project is in better shape than ever because the original team, formed by the filmmaker, Ruben Hornillo, and the PR Digital Marketing Strategist, Georgina Rodriguez, has grown to include Laura Lopez as executive producer and the cinematographer Fatima Carmena, providing their tremendous craft and artistic vision to the project. Moreover, the new Production Company from Madrid, Crispy Makers, will secure funding through sponsorships, as well as provide the filming equipment.

In these last few months the filmmaker was been able to discover many first hand cases of young Spaniards who, like him, have had to migrate to different destinations all over the world to find work, some with more luck than others. These stories are now available in the project’s new website, In addition, the website blog has recruited several of these émigrés to blog about their experiences as immigrants and share their thoughts on the causes and possible solutions to this brain drain, which is the result of an economic crisis that they did not create.

With the proceeds from the new Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign and the sponsorships acquired with the new production company, the team hopes to start shooting the documentary in the spring of 2014. The shooting will take them to different destinations where the new Spanish emigration is concentrated, destinations such as Germany, UK, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, China, Australia, Ecuador, Chile and the United States. Although “Spanish in Exile” can be viewed as a reaction to the popular Spanish TV show “Españoles en el Mundo”, this documentary is aligned in form and moral content with the rigour and honesty of the popular Spanish television program Salvados and with the production value of the film works of Michael Moore.

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