Towards head of Picasso II
Picasso by Roger Cummiskey

AIA at Málaga Airport

Art in the Air

A collective exhibition of curated artworks by members of the AIA – Artistas Internacionales en Andalucía –
at Sala de Exposiciones, Málaga Airport Arrivals T3.

November 22 – 02 December.
Gallery Open: Seven days 12-18 h.

Eight artists – Four countries.

Auli Suvanto-Salokannel from Finland.
Enrique Linaza, Juan Cruz Plaza and Enrique Agusti Lafuente from Spain.
Roger Cummiskey, Dolores Cummiskey and Philip Magee from Ireland.
Richard Wood from the UK .

The artists collectively exhibit a selection of oil, acrylic and watercolour paintings alongside textile cross stitch and photographs.

Auli displays original oil paintings capturing natures fascinating explosion in colour and form during the very hot and relaxed summer on the Costa del Sol.
Enrique Linaza will be displaying images of Andalucía in oil on canvas.
Roger’s watercolours celebrate Picasso, Don Quijote and James Joyce.
Dolores exhibits stunning cross stitch on canvas reflecting many long hours of patient endeavour.
Philip, a professional photographer who captures the ordinary in an extraordinary fashion.
Richard displays oil paintings with themes from Andalucía.
Juan follows the theme in oil paintings on canvas that challenges the senses.
Enrique Agusti Lafuente brings acrylic images in a personal stylised format.

The AIA-ArtGroup was formed in 2004 by professional and dedicated visual artists from around Europe and America, who are all living and working in Andalucía.

Further information is available from 666 78 26 42 or their web site

110710 lugo 92x73

Lugo by Enrique A Lafuente