Just behind Calle Moncayo (“Fish Alley”) on Calle Olleria is a hidden gem on the Fuengirola map. It calls itself “Fuengirola’s Best Irish-Owned & Run Bar” ….and who am I to argue with that?

The owners Laurence and Katarina O’Rourke run a spotlessly (and I mean absolutely spotlessly) clean and tidy little bar just a few meters from Fish Alley and 2 or 3 minutes walk from the the Main Church Square, bus station or port.

The last time I was in there, there was a good mixture of all nationalities enjoying the football on the wide-screen TVs whilst others were dining on “The Best Irish Food”. I should, of course, mention that others were drinking “The Best Irish Liquid Refreshment a.k.a. Draught Guinness” which I am reliably told tastes as good as it does on the banks of the Liffey. Me, I was just happy that they had a nice cup of coffee!