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Muscle imbalances are not the only physical causes of back pain. Another source is something known as trigger points or “knots” in one or more of your muscles. When you use your muscles, your body tells them to contract. When you’re done lifting, your body tells these muscle fibers to relax.

When a muscle is overworked (contracted “too much”), it may simply radiate pain, but oftentimes a knot also will develop. These knots are really small tangles in the fibers of your muscles. If you’ve ever had a massage, you’re probably familiar with this. Knots are tender, feel hard to the touch, and can require a lot of pressure to release.

This knot slows blood flow through the muscle, causing several problems. First, the waste products produced by your muscle cells aren’t removed quickly, so they settle into the fibers. Second, the cells in those areas aren’t getting as much oxygen as they’re used to getting—so they’re mildly oxygen deprived. Third, your blood transports the fuel that powers the “unlocking” mechanism within those last few muscle fibers that are “stuck” together. Without ample blood circulation, these muscle fibers never unlock.

This creates a vicious self-reinforcing cycle where a knot causes slow blood circulation, which prevents the knot from releasing itself, which causes the knot to persist even further. These three conditions combine to cause inflammation, tenderness, and pain in that part of the muscle. The result is a trigger point, or what most people think of as a knot, in their muscle.

Massage is a good way to help relieve trigger point and muscle knots. If you need help with your trigger points and muscle knots, please feel free to contact me.

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