Create a custom Menu bar to save space on your desktop

If you need access to a number of utilities or files regularly you may be cluttering your desktop, which slows down your PC.

To get round this try a nifty windows option:-

Make a folder in, say, My Documents, called for example ‘Utilities’ or whatever you prefer.
Drag all of your desired shortcuts or desktop folders there. Do this with the RIGHT button so that when you drag you have the option to MOVE not copy.

Create a custom Menu bar to save space on your desktop

Now on the bottom bar (task Bar) of the screen RIGHT click in a neutral area, and select Toolbars>New Toolbar

You will be prompted to select the folder you just created, so double click that folder.
It will now appear as a popup menu on the bottom bar to the right side.

You can even quickly open that folder to add new stuff by RIGHT clicking the newly created menu and select Open Folder. New stuff placed there will automatically appear in the menu.


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