Putting fun back on the dancefloor with Disco 007.

Disco 007 offer music for every generation, from the chart hits of today to the big bands of the 1940’s, Disco 007 adds a touch of fun to your event, for weddings, special events, birthdays, charity functions, opening days or just for plain fun.

We specialise is weddings and special events.

Wedding discos are all about entertaining your entire guest list, mums and dads, grandparents to the under fives plus different cultures and music preferences. The Old School Disco has returned to the Costa Blanca for your enjoyment, so just when you thought it was safe to try and hide from the dance floor, along comes Disco 007 to ensure that you have a great time. After all, your wedding disco is probably the main entertainment event of your wedding day and our mission is to make your night as much fun as possible for you and your guests.

Some DJ’s may only want to play ‘their’ choice of music after the obligatory first dance is done and dusted, however after more than 25-years spinning vinyl, pushing CD buttons, and building a database of over 50,000 tracks, we believe that the best evenings are those that combine your choices of music, the most popular tracks of today and yesteryear, guest requests and our own feel for the event, to keep the party going into the small hours.


It’s your party (and we don’t want to see you cry)
We want to play the kind of music you want to dance to.
Give us 40-50 of your favourite tracks, we add them to our database, play a few of our own crowd pleasers and floor fillers and you’re guaranteed a night of music that everyone will enjoy.

Ask each of your guest couples for one song that they’d like to dance to, add your favourite tunes, and we have a fantastic night ahead of us. Have fun putting together this list to make your disco a memorable one:

It’s as easy as that!

tel: (+34) 609 06 36 14