Walking Holidays

Did you know that Spain is one of the most popular walking holiday destinations in Europe? It’s no wonder when you consider the great climate for getting about on foot, the wonderfully varied nature and culture, the friendly people and the good food. Plus, Spain is still a very affordable destination. And so areas like Andalucia, the Picos de Europa, Valencia and the Pyrenees attract many walkers each year.

A great way to get to know Spain better

Walking is a really good way to get to know Spain a little better. Compared to travelling by bus, car or even bicycle, going on foot allows you to appreciate and experience everything around you so much better. Flowers, trees, butterflies, birds, rural villages, you have more time to appreciate everything when you’re going at a slower pace.

If you like walking and you’re planning a walking holiday in Spain; here is a tip about a website where you can find many good options: The nice thing about this site is that it exclusively lists small scale and local walking holiday businesses. So when you find something through them, you know that you’re supporting the local economy.


Support for the local economy

For many of these smaller walking holiday providers it’s difficult getting found online by potential clients. This is because larger companies often have bigger marketing budgets and therefore can make themselves seem more popular. But if you choose to use a smaller walking holiday provider, you’re likely to get to places where others don’t get to and see things that others don’t.

And if you’re going on a small scale walking holiday you often also get another extra: the unique and special touch of a local host. These people like to share the love and enthusiasm for the place they live and work in with you. With their local knowledge you’ll find those nice walks, that amazing panorama or that lovely little restaurant just down the road. In short: you’ll experience the very best the local area has to offer.

Selection of walking holidays in Spain

There is a good selection of guided, self-guided, and mixed walking holidays on the site. They’re all presented in a clear and consistent way so you can easily compare what’s on offer. And if you’re interested in a particular offer, there’s a link in that listing to the relevant people. You book your holiday directly with them, so there is no middle-man or commission; perfect!

If you want to have a look at the site, this is the address: The homepage lists walking holiday in various countries in Europe, but there are separate pages with general info about walking in Spain and an overview of all walking holidays in Spain.

You’ll find there is a nice selection of Spanish walking holidays to choose from, ranging from easy self-guided trips in the Alta Marina or the Sierra Nevada to more challenging guided treks through the Pyrenees or the Picos de Europa. And because of Spain’s Mediterranean climate, many of the holidays run year-round so you can also go in winter.