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Spain – one big outdoor playground

Spain is an incredible travel destination, a country packed with a rich mixture of family holiday fun, food, culture and history. It is so much more than a ‘package tour’ destination, with a wide diversity of destinations offering different experiences, places like:

  • Madrid, Cádiz, Córdoba, Granada and Toledo, all rich in history and culture.
  • the beach resorts along the Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca, Costa de la Luz, Costa Tropical etc  offering coastal family fun.
  • the islands of Ibiza, Mallorca, Tenerife, Lanzarote etc offering scenic breaks with a host of water sports.
  • the mountain ranges of the Sierra Nevada and Pyrenees offering a host of winter and summer sports.

Spain has been gifted with a host of natural riches, which all add to the enjoyment of visiting the country, and help to make it such an interesting place to visit all year round.  Its fantastic southern European climate, the scenic mountain ranges (it is second only to Switzerland for mountains in Europe) and its low population density all add to the enjoyment of a Spanish holiday.

Its rich history and culture has evolved a wealth of fascinating events, which to outsiders often seem a heady mix of dangerous, crazy and amusing.  Spanish events like the huge water, tomato and wine fights (these are three separate events!), the annual running of the bulls through the narrow streets of Pamplona, the Aplec del Caragol Snail Festival where 12 tonnes of snails are consumed, the San Juan fires and fire jumping rituals on the Spanish beaches each June, the annual village/town/city multi day parties (Ferias – a marathon mix of family fun fair, dancing, horse riding, drinking and eating), the colourful 3 Kings Parades at Christmas and the infernos of Las Fallas in Valencia – just a small sample of the incredible Spanish events to experience.
Spain’s climate, its family centric attitudes (your kids are often seen as the most important people in the restaurants), its great food (the rest of the world is only now catching on to Tapas!) and the welcoming nature of the locals make Spain an excellent place to visit. Once there, Spain is so much more than just beaches, bars and waterparks.  Of course there are plenty superb beaches, bars and waterparks in Spain, but I would urge all visitors to this country to get out and see real Spain.

Visit a spanish feria


For the fans of culture take a trip to the nearest town and soak up the history and culture.  Enjoy a relaxed Spanish lunch in one of the squares, visit the towns museums and churches.  Do a little research to find out where the local ferias are taking place during your visit (search the internet for ‘ayuntamiento’ and the place name – this should get you to local council websites which will usually, under ‘eventos’  include local feria dates).  Go into the town on an evening and find the tapas bars.

For outdoor sports fans the choice is amazing.  Spain is one huge playground for sports like motorcycling, climbing, horse riding, canyoning, paragliding, hot air ballooning, skiing, cycling, mountain biking, hiking and kayaking.  Get out there and enjoy it.  Or take the opportunity to try some great water sports like surfing, dolphin and whale watching, wind and kite surfing (Tarifa is the place!), jet skiing or sailing.
And after a few days of trying out the above I will allow you the odd day relaxing in the sun – enjoy the pools, the local bars, the beach or a day at the waterpark!  But don’t get too comfortable or you will be missing the superb ‘real Spain’, a country far too few visitors make the effort to get to know!

My personal choices of the active sports would be to try mountain biking in Spain but take a look at YouGoDo and choose from 1000’s of great things to do in Spain.


Killer whale watching off Tarifa
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