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Are you wishing to travel to Spain? I can help you planning your trip. Forget about reading guidebooks, spending time looking for best price flights, internal transfers, tours around Barcelona or Granada and surfing the net searching for hotels that suit you. I’ll be happy to plan a trip to Spain just for you.

Spain is a fabulous country, but for someone who doesn’t speak Spanish, planning a trip to Spain can be daunting. That’s where Spain at Your Pace comes in. As a Spaniard and well-travelled person, I can offer you two services for travelling around Spain

  • Spanish Premium Travel Plan: let me plan your trip to Spain for you. Visit Spain with a written itinerary specifically tailored to your interests and budget. You won’t have to waste precious time reading guidebooks or looking for the best fares. I’ll take care of it for you!

  • 7 days Travel Coaching: I will be your Spanish travel councilor. We will plan your trip to Spain together. During 7 days, every question you send over the seven-day period will be answered with a guaranteed response time of 24 hours.

What can you get from Spain at Your Pace?

  • Personalized service from a native Spanish travel consultant

  • Consultation about where to go and what to see in Spain

  • Research on the best values in flights to Spain

  • A written itinerary specifically tailored to your interests and budget

  • Research and recommendations on hotels and accommodation

  • Recommendations and bookings for internal transfers (rental cars, trains, buses, boats, planes, etc)

  • Recommendations for restaurants, activities and day trips suited to your tastes and budget

  • Ongoing support throughout your stay in Spain

  • … and much more!

If you are someone who likes travel on your own but you don’t have time to plan your trip to Spain and you don’t enjoy tours scheduled by travel agencies, then Spain at Your Pace is made for you.

But… what’s the difference between a travel agency and a Spanish travel consultant like Spain at Your Pace?

When you book a tour in Spain through travel agents, they normally receive commissions for the services they book on your behalf. As a Spanish travel consultant, I charge for my time. I accept no commission from anyone. Hence, my time and effort are of direct benefit to you.

Basically, it means I can get to know you as a client. I’ll envision the kind of Spain you describe, and then I’ll set up the itinerary that takes you there. You might call it “custom travel design”. Spain is a country with spectacular scenery and culture; of luscious food and gracious people. It’s my role, as a travel consultant, to help you experience everything this beautiful land has to offer.


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