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January 30th, 2015

The team and I are glad to begin this new year of Nightswapping with you and hope to repeat the success of 2014.

Indeed, last year was our launch year but also a time of great changes. Thanks to it’s growing succes in Europe, Nightswapping raised 2M€ of funding last summer to continue developping the concept and offer more destinations throughout the world. To accompagny our growth, our team has been doubled in numbers and we have just opened offices in Paris. 2014 is also the year we have changed name (formerly Cosmopolit Home), logo and brand idendity to make sure Nightswapping reflects best its community:
simple, true and welcoming!

You are now over 40.000 in 160 countries to have joined us to host, travel and share unique moments with locals… And I wanted to thank you for making Nightswapping what it is today.

On our end, the team has been preparing 2015 and it will be full of new features and surprises to make your Nightswap experience always more enjoyable and easy. Discover some of our new features that have just freshly arrived:

Add a description to your profile
Customize your listing
Availability calendar
Invite your friends

And that’s not all… Nightswapping will be launching it’s own mobile application. Fun, simple and handy, it will revolutionize the way you book your reservation at a local’s place from your smartphone.
This is therefore a great year in perspective and I hope it will be full of travel plans, encounters and discoveries.

See you soon,

Serge Duriavig
Founder of NightSwapping

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