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A new way to travel

Based on a unique concept of bartering nights, Nightswapping allows individuals, home owners and tenants, not to need to pay for accommodation whilst on holiday. Nightswapping and the similar Couchsurfing allow you to see Spain on a budget.

So, what is Nightswapping?

Stay for free at a local’s place

Host travellers from around the world

Start hosting today, meet travellers from all places and share the secrets of your city. For each night you host, get a night to spend anywhere in the world. List your home for free. With Nightswapping, creating a listing (entire home and/or guest room) is completely free. Besides, you get nights as a gift from Nightswapping to start your own travels right away!

Missing a few nights to go away again? Nightswapping gives you the opportunity to buy/pay for the missing nights.

Collect nights for your next holiday
Say goodbye to expensive accommodation for weekends and holidays! Use your nights to stay for free at a local’s place. You receive nights every time you host members. You can thus nightswap all year round, for a weekend getaway or several weeks.

VoyagerTravel within a trusted community
Our community is based on the values of sharing and trust. Each member is evaluated (score and feedback) by other members to ensure you enjoy the friendliest environment.

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