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Love Home Swap

Holiday like a local – for a whole lot less

Use your home to travel the world, enjoy authentic travel experiences and save thousands on hotel bills.

+ Real people
Get exclusive tips and local knowledge from an international community of friendly homeowners

+ Real homes
Enjoy all the comforts and conveniences of staying in a home, not a hotel – and holiday on your own schedule

+ Real holidays
Holiday like an insider – live in the thick of the action and experience the best of the local culture


Travel any way you want

We’re the world’s most flexible travel club – offering you more ways to travel than anyone else

+ Swap
A two-way home exchange. You stay at mine, I stay at yours. You can either travel at the same time or swaps can be non-simultaneous

+ Points
Earn points when another member stays in your home whilst you’re away – and spend these points to holiday in any of our members’ homes for free. We’ll even give you some free Points when you sign up

+ Rent
You can also choose to make money from your home whilst it sits empty by renting out to other members you can trust

Register with Love Home Swap today and use your home to travel the world for free.

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