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The Way – Film

Are you looking for something ‘more’, but don’t know where to start your search? What so many of us fail to see is that the answers are within, if only we care to look there. Many people, whether they are searching or not, ‘find themselves’ on the Camino de Santiago – a world-famous pilgrim route that starts off in France and travels across the whole breadth of Spain to end up at the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral in Galicia, in the northwest of Spain.

This film is a truly powerful and inspirational story that depicts exactly that – the profound impact that travelling the Camino de Santiago can have on a person when they least expect it. The Way stars Martin Sheen, who plays Tom, a mature man, very set in his ways, who travels to France after his son (played by Emilio Estevez) dies in a tragic accident while doing the Camino himself. Instead of returning home to the US, Tom decides to fulfil his son’s burning dream to carry out the ‘Route of Saint James’ and finish it himself. The journey, often very amusing in parts, turns out to become an unexpected life-changing experience.

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