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San Fermin Festival, Spain – advice for travellers

Taken from the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office Site

30 June 2011

The San Fermin Festival – Running of the Bulls – will take place in Pamplona from 6-14 July 2011. The Foreign Office has produced advice for travellers.

Participating in the Running of the Bulls is dangerous. Each year, some participants are seriously injured and there have been numerous deaths associated with the event.
If you decide to participate, you should weigh up the risks of doing so, and understand the consequences if you are injured. You should not participate under the influence of alcohol.

Your travel insurance may not cover you if you participate in high-risk activities, such as running with the bulls. You should check the details of your insurance policy before deciding whether to participate.

Local authorities make arrangements for the large number of visitors.
These include:
*providing locker facilities at the Pamplona Town Hall. Due to the high incidence of petty crime and pick-pocketing, including the theft of passports, police recommend that travellers carry a copy of their passport for identification and keep the original in a safe place.
*establishing a lost and found office at the Pamplona Municipal Police Station in the centre of the city. If personal belongings are lost, travellers should notify the lost and found office. They will assist you in reporting the incident.

Further information on the festivities, accommodation and other services is available on the Navarra Official Tourist Office website

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