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(Courtesy of Sandra Piddock)


The belén or nativity scene is an integral part of the Spanish Christmas Traditions. Most towns and villages have ornate displays that are erected in the town hall square, church square or similar for several weeks around Christmas, New Year and Three Kings.


(Courtesy of Sandra Piddock)
Click on the thumbnail for a fullsize image. Can you see a “cagoner”?

La Mosca
(Photo courtesy of Barbara Tremain)

La Mosca, Málaga

Surely one of the great belén displays is in the little village of La Mosca, Málaga. Bob Manning has written in great depth about the belén and its history here. I could not argue with the title,
“The most incredible nativity you’d never find.”

…and some other great festive images below ….


Málaga City by Roger Cummiskey


Málaga City by Roger Cummiskey

Nativity by Roger Cummiskey

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