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Comparison of Spain and Turkey

…..Europe’s hottest destinations

As a property owner in both countries, I have been asked which of these locations is better than the other. I have financial stakes in them both, so picking a favourite wouldn’t help me much but I do always compare them and let people go with what they feel will best suit their needs in the long run or even just for a holiday.

I think the most desirable selling points of both countries is the nearly all-year warm-weather, unspoilt beaches, scuba diving in cobalt blue waters and open people.

Money Matters

If you’re just visiting, then you don’t need to worry about taxes and mortgages but if you’re looking to emigrate, then consider Turkey due to its lack of gains taxes. Meaning if you sell your house after the 4 year period for more than it was originally worth (which is usually how this Income Tax usually operates) you don’t pay Capital Gains Taxes. If you’re a UK pensioner, you are not taxed on your pension.

If you need a mortgage then Spain is ideal with the sheer availability and ease of getting cheap mortgages. There is almost a non-existent mortgage system in Turkey. You pay cash or have to fund from outside the country (I finance my property in Turkey with sales in Spain and the UK)

Health Matters

This can sometimes be the deciding factor for older generations. The younger ones probably think they are invincible (I know I did) and although the level of care in Turkey is terrific, medical personnel aren’t always fluent in English, whereas in Spain and especially along Costa del Sol, medical services are of a high standard and staff will speak English.


Language & People Matters
Covered a little before, most Turks you encounter (especially if you go more rural than touristy) will speak some English…maybe. It’s not a prevalent language as opposed to Spain. Both countries have welcoming and warm people with emphasis put on family-style dining and group activities.

Travel Matters

Travelling to Spain and Turkey from nearly anywhere within Europe is easy, you can always find cheap Dalaman flights for Turkey or flights to Barcelona in Spain. These are good cities to compare the cost of travelling, especially if you plan on making multiple trips to visit family or bring visitors over to you.

So if you’re looking just to get away from the hum-drum of daily life for a week or make a change and leave your current residence to start a new exciting life and experience either the rich heritage of Turkey or the passionate fire of Spain, know that either destination will captivate your heart, and you will want to call it home.


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