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BIOPARC el lado más salvaje de Valencia - Gorila en el bosque ecuatorial - 2016

Wild Fallas

Wild Fallas, Bioparc, Valencia

Every March Valencia gets ready to welcome the spring. The streets fill up with joy and the hustle and bustle of the Fallas festival, the upmost expression of tradition, art and sentimentality for one’s homeland. Valencian people live their most international fiesta to the maximum, where the tradition makes everything that’s bad “burn” and reborn from the ashes to welcome a new season.

Valencia’s Fallas is emotion, the feelings intensify as smells, colours, sounds and flavours enhance on your way down the street. Every day is lived with illusion and expectation. It’s the Valencia’s mayor festivity week and citizens enjoy it around the main streets.

For those adventurous, wild, fearless … For those who do not rest until everything is discovered, those who live every moment with their eyes opened and staring at the sky, curious, brave, frantic … Enjoy Fallas one step away from “Africa”, a step away of wild and exotic nature.

BIOPARC, known as the small piece of Africa’s heart, lives it´s maximum splendour. The awakening of native flora and fauna of the wildest continent, invites to live through, allows you to explore and venture into inhospitable passages around lions, zebras, gorillas and crocodiles. The beauty of free nature that shares its secrets and immerses the public in the single beat of the savannah to the “fallero’s” drums rhythm.BIOPARC el lado más salvaje de Valencia - León en la Sabana - 2016

Strolling through the savannah, getting into a termite mound, seeing an African Kopje, entering into a forest of baobabs inhabited by elephants, exploring the jungle between the Ribera forest and BAI. Venture Kitum: the “mythical” cave from where we observe the great Nile hippo in it’s natural environment; underwater. Or travel through Madagascar where visitors walk among the different species of lemurs, living this complete experience without moving from Valencia.

An experiential travel of 100.000 m2 of fauna and flora, to calm and relax, or live unique new experiences in BIOPARC, a place committed to the conservation of biodiversity, to fall in love with the wild nature.

Just a step away from the largest Valencian festivity, you can enjoy long walks between monuments and elephants, walk along firecrackers and leopards, or light shows and the natural behaviour of animals, all within the city of Valencia. Fallas are illusion and feeling and must be lived as such, but you cannot forget the #FallasSavajes in BIOPARC.

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