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Virginia de la Cuadra Galera – Lawyer

I like presenting myself as an “Independent English speaking Spanish Lawyer” there is no simpler way to explain what I do.

Independent – although a client usually connects with me via a recommendation from somebody I’ve worked with previously – this is a profession where word of mouth is very important, I am totally focused on protecting the interests of my client. I make sure they are covered in all aspects of the operation and that sometimes means having to say no… to paying a deposit or even not going through with the transaction if I don’t see everything 100% clear. Luckily, this does not happen very often, there is always a solution for any issues that we may come across. It’s about doing your homework and proceeding accordingly.

English speaking – because I consider myself bilingual. Having lived and worked in England for many years, half of my family are English and I have worked with foreign clients for so long now, for me the language is not a barrier.

Spanish Lawyer – because Spanish Law is what I studied for over 5 years. I continue to study, I feel identified with my profession and have a real passion and respect for law. I like digging and delving deeper into every case, looking into every little detail, I like to be assured that all eventualities are covered be before making a decision and moving forward. Always focused on my clients objectives.

A lot of my work these days is conveyancing. I cover the East Coast of Spain including the Balearic Islands – this kind of work can be done from anywhere, specially using new technologies, tools like Skype allow you to collaborate and build a good relationship with the client and they know they can have direct contact whenever they want it without having to travel. For many clients I act under power of attorney, which saves both parties time and money. Of course, you can never beat face 2 face interaction which is one of the best parts of my job, I get to meet all sorts of interesting people, each with their own story and I’m always there with them in person at the important steps in the process.

The range of cases I deal with are as varied as the people I meet, from family law issues to start up companies and occasionally criminal law. I work with a small group of 5 lawyers and each one of us is a specialist in different fields of law, fiscal, criminal, civil, commercial and labour. This way we ensure the client gets the best advice depending of their individual case needs.

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Virginia de la Cuadra Galera – Lawyer

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