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Valencia CF Vodafone App (Photo by David Aliaga)
Valencia CF Vodafone App (Photo by David Aliaga)

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During the last Spanish League match played at the Mestalla stadium, Vodafone’s 4G network was successfully used to test a new unique technology and a new application that provides exclusive real-time video content in high density locations, revolutionising video delivery across mobile networks

LTE Broadcast –also known as evolved Multimedia Broadcast Service (eMBMS)-, puts no additional load on the network, enabling smartphone users in device dense locations to watch HD video content in high-quality

The technology distributes the signal to an unlimited number of recipients and the user only needs an application and a 4G-enabled device able to support the LTE Broadcast technology

The application lets all users in the stadium engage with multiple rich content such as stats, virtual recreation, behind the scenes videos, fans videos and social feeds, allowing real time mobile engagement between all fans

During its last league match against Celta de Vigo, Valencia CF teamed up with Vodafone Spain to successfully trial a cutting-edge technology that lets spectators enjoy exclusive video content via a new application on their mobile devices, to enrich their match experiences in real time. The application was tested using the 4G network infrastructure that Vodafone has deployed in the stadium, and the video, text and stills content that Valencia CF has specifically produced.

Valencia CF Vodafone App (Photo by David Aliaga)
Valencia CF Vodafone App (Photo by David Aliaga)

By installing the application in their mobile devices, the users who took part in the trial were able to enjoy high quality video content and have a brand new mobile media experience on mobile devices, via match-related content produced by Valencia CF and broadcasted via 5 different exclusive high definition channels in real time.

It’s the first time that a customer-focused trial of this magnitude has been performed in a commercial open environment. Previous similar testing had been conducted in controlled laboratory environments. It’s also the first time that five different channels, all of them in high definition, have been broadcast simultaneously, offering:

1. Stats Channel: real time data supplied by LFP about players, ball possession, fouls, and performance.

2. VCF 90 Behind the Scenes Channel: the most unique and intimate match behind the scenes content with eight different cameras following Valencia CF first team players journey: from team’s hotel to the stadium, inside the team bus, inside the team changing room, inside the stadium tunnel, the players warm up and the players’ bench.

3. Fans Channel: video content channel, uploaded by fans inside the stadium, in real time.

4. Social Channel: broadcasting anything and everything posted on social networks by the club and fans in real time.

5. Virtual Arena Channel: real time 3D virtual recreation of the match

With LTE Broadcast, the user experience is similar to watching HD TV on a mobile device, with exclusive real time match content, enriching the experience of being able to watch simultaneously the real match on the pitch.

This is characterized by synchronous transmission of the same signal from all cells within a predefined area, which enables the user smartphones to combine transmission received from multiple cells. Transmitting the same data to multiple recipients allows network resources to be shared, leading to solution scalability and network optimization, guaranteeing the quality and reception of the watched signal, in large crowded environments.

To ensure the success of this project, Vodafone’s network had to be adapted to the new LTE Broadcast, leveraged on the expertise of Huawei. Huawei Technologies has contributed to this pioneer trial with the innovative 4G technology that allows high quality video broadcast across smartphones, including video servers and other associate network platforms.

The software for receiving the technology and the application have been developed by Qualcomm in partnership with Quickplay; while Thomson Video Networks devised the video encoding software needed to convert HD video content on mobile devices and Samsung has provided the next generation handsets capable of delivering this unique experience.

The trial conducted at the Mestalla stadium paves the way to offering similar experiences in the future to users in other high device dense places such as stadiums, public viewing areas or shopping centres.

Valencia CF Vodafone App (Photo by David Aliaga)
Valencia CF Vodafone App (Photo by David Aliaga)

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