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Sepia ( is run by a group of twenty-somethings with a passion for writing who live or have lived in Valencia. The team currently consists of 4 Valencians and 2 Brits and we publish cultural interest articles and posts about Valencia in English, Spanish and Valencian.

Since January 2014 we have been writing stories and news about Valencia as well as music, cinema, literature, travel, politics and (occasionally, when the boys are feeling particularly “amunt”) sport.

Our events section covers all the top local fiestas including La Mostra de Vins (wine fair), San Juan, music festivals and, of course, the 5 day non-stop explosion of a party that is Las Fallas. For the latter we offer information about just how to go about navigating your way around Valencia in this insanely busy period. One of the most popular sections of the web appears to be the Ociodio category – a harmonious fusion of love and hate, or just the act of loving to hate. The most popular articles here have been a rant about that god awful Mahou TV advert and an attack on the sudden influx of pretentious “runners” in the río Túria.

We also have a section dedicated to the different barrios of Valencia that includes information on where to go, what to see, a little bit of history and our pick of the best bars and clubs in the area. Bear in mind, however, that our favourite bars may be slightly different to what you’re used to. Read: rock garitos hidden in the labyrinthine streets of El Carmen or quirky dive bars in the student quarter that may be rated highly solely depending on how much they charge for a jarra y bravas.

We hope that locals, expats, tourists and even Erasmus students find the website useful and entertaining. We also hope that, because we write in three languages, that that gives us more scope and access to a potentially wider audience. It also provides a chance for readers to practice whichever language they are not native in!
You’ll like Sepia if you’re looking to read something a bit different; Valencia info peppered with cultural interest articles written from a multicultural, ‘joven’ point of view…with a bit of gratuitous swearing.


Our top articles this year include:

Street Art Valencia, which was quoted in popular Valencian publication CulturPlaza

El conflicto de Irlanda del Norte y el cine – a look at the portayal in cinema of the conflict in Northern Ireland.

Spanish #marketing: #inventing #palabring – a rant about Spanish marketers incessantly using redundant English words in their campaigns.

But they’ll never take our freedom? – Our Glaswegian constituent’s politically charged two pennies’ worth before the Scottish elections in 2014.

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