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Every year, thousands of students flock to the sunnier climbs of Valencia in search of sun, sangrías and the opportunity to improve their Spanish. Attracting estudiantes from all around the world, this city seems to have everything a student or young professional would be looking for. Buzzing nightlife, beautiful scenery and sunny weather (for the most part of the year) are just a few of the reasons why Valencia is one of the top destinations for many.

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The first thing the majority of incoming students will want to know about is what the nightlife and social aspect is like. Valencia tailors for everyone’s needs, whether you are looking to throw yourself into the Spanish lifestyle head on, or whether you feel a little out of your depth and would like a taste of home.

There is no better place to start than the buzzing hub that is El Carme and the Old Town. With bars on almost every corner ranging from karaoke, to hard rock, to shisha bars, this area has everything you are looking for in order to have a good time. Many of these bars have dance floor areas and are open late, so if the beat becomes too addictive to ignore after a few tintos, you can have a good dance until the early hours. You will be able to hear a range of music covering most of the spectrum from Spanish charts to the classics (no matter what that means to you).

If you prefer the quieter side to drinking and just want to nurse a pint of cider while watching some 6 nations rugby, there are many Irish pubs dotted around Valencia. With many in the Canovas area, you are really spoilt for choice. These places are great for students who are not only, looking to socialise with other expats over a bit of sport, but also looking to meet locals.

Most of these pubs hold language exchange evenings that are extremely popular among students and locals alike. They provide a fresh look at Valencia and what it has to offer and allow you to meet new people easily.

If you are looking for a cheaper more student-like area to knock a few back, the area around the Universidad is the area for you. With cheap bars every few hundreds yards or so, you will clearly see that this is where the Erasmus and local students flock at night. With cheap students bars in Plaza del Cedro and Plaza de Honduras, you will find that most of your evenings will be spent here. 1.50€ pints, what more could you ask for?

Upon arriving in Valencia or even before you get here, you will want to join any Erasmus Valencia pages you can on the social network websites. These pages will guide you in the right direction while you are finding your feet and will inform you of the hot Erasmus drinks deals and entry deals to the many nightclubs in Valencia. Even if you are not an Erasmus student but have just graduate University, you will want to join these pages. It is a great way of meeting new people and getting involved in everything Valencia has to offer from the word go.

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Welcome to Valencia!

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