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Tenerife is one of the seven Canary Islands, a Spanish archipelago sprinkled just off the west coast of Africa in the Atlantic Ocean. It has long been a popular destination for holidaymakers, but in recent years has seen something of a revival, shedding its negative reputation as a tacky getaway and re-emerging on to the world travel scene as a classy retreat.

What the media once dubbed as ‘Tene-grief’ can now be better worded as ‘Tene-relief’.

Due to the island’s proximity to the equator (just 28 degrees north) Tenerife weather is relatively stable all year round, with average daytime temperatures shifting between a comfortable 15C – 25C. July and August are the hottest months; January and February the coolest.

Although it is celebrated for its stunning sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, Tenerife offers much more than a simple beach holiday. There are some great hiking tracks that showcase the stunning scenery on the island, there are numerous world-class golf courses and the cultural scene is thriving.

With regard to cuisine, Tenerife restaurants are bursting with both local and international flavour. You can find Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Mongolian, French and, of course, Canarian outlets in all the major resorts.

The best area to stay really depends on the kind of holiday you’re looking for. Playa de las Americas, situated on the southern tip of the island, is a major party resort crammed with bars, clubs and pubs, which makes it ideal for young groups, but perhaps not so great for families.

Los Cristianos, also on the south coast, is a quieter affair but by no means dull. A great selection of relaxed beachfront bars and restaurants is on offer here, but most people are in bed come midnight.

For a real taste of solitude, Costa del Silencio (which translates into ‘silent coast’) is situated on the southeast coast and is a perfect place to just unwind in tranquillity.

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