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The foundation firmm® in Profile


The foundation firmm® is actively engaged in protecting the whales and their habitat. Its main focus is centred on research, information and clarification. As mentioned in the name, a major concern of the foundation is to share the research results with as many people as possible. It can be regarded as platform for the exchange between science and the interested layman. The foundation wants to introduce new ways of how to respectfully and ecologically handle the oceans and their inhabitants without exploiting them.


The foundation firmm® creates possibilities for humans to encounter marine mammals.

By experiencing these animals in the wild and mediating knowledge about them, a basis of support and love to the whales and dolphins and the preservation of their natural habitat, the oceans, can be formed. The encounter with the marine mammals in freedom through respectful whale watching as well as continuous educational work with information at first hand, research and schooling lead to a sensitization of the people, pursuant to the foundation’s motto: “Only what people know about they will be able to love and protect”.

firmm®is establishing research stations at different locations where scientists hand in hand with interested people record data and prepare information. The results are being presented to a broad audience at events. At the same time firmm® greatly emphasizes the value of cooperative collaboration with the authorities, schools, public institutions and the media.


Structure and Organization

The foundation for information and research on marine mammals (firmm®) was established in 1998 by Katharina Heyer with domicile in Meisterschwanden and head office in Stallikon, Switzerland. The trigger was Heyer’s encounter with dolphins and whales in the

Strait of Gibraltar at the end of the year 1997: She recognized that these wonderful beings and their habitat urgently needed to be explored and protected.


Foundation Board Members:

Katharina Heyer, President, Stallikon, Switzerland

Prof. Patricia Holm, Marine Biologist, University Basel, Switzerland

Benny Stutz, Administrator foundation Gärtnerhaus, Meisterschwanden, Switzerland Daniel König, Oberrohrdorf, Switzerland

Samuel Notz, Langnau a.A., Switzerland

The foundation is under supervision by the Federal Department of Home Affairs, Bern, Switzerland.


Currently firmm®  is represented in the following countries:

  • Switzerland (firmm®Schweiz): since 1998
  • Spain (firmm®España): since 1998
  • Morocco (firmm®Maroc): since 2002

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