This is Spain

This is Spain

Yesterday, having some time on our hands, we explored Malaga in ways I have never done before. We found a truly spit and sawdust sherry bodega – in fact the owner’s contempt at the very suggestion that it was “Sherry” made me feel like I’d frozen over … MALAGA WINES he bellowed at us, causing us to shrink back in fear.

Row upon row of vast wooden kegs lined the rear wall, each with a name chalked or taped onto the front of the keg.

As you bought, so your bill price was chalked onto the ancient wooden bar in front of you – scrubbed out with a gnarled hand each time the clientelle changed.

The atmosphere is magical, surreal – the Malaga wines warm, rich, evocative of Christmas while being completely in place in the warmth of a Spanish Summer.

We supplemented our large schooners, priced at a mighty 1€ per glass, with a plate of the freshest prawns – whose shells, heads, legs and tails were traditionally discarded roughly into the bins that appear along the length of the bar.

An absolutely unforgettable experience and a total must for all guests from now on – and I haven’t mentioned the gorgeous tapas or our grilled sardines on the beach yet …..

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