This is Spain



Monument to the romantic author, Gustavo A. Bécquer in María Luísa Park, Sevilla. This monument attempts to reflect his poem RHYME X. Thus, it consists of an octagonal base, surrounding a tree. We can appreciate the bust of BÉCQUER built on a pedestal. To his right is Cupid as a child throwing arrows at three young women. To the left of the bust is Cupid as an adult, stabbed and dying. The two angels are in bronze, the rest of the work is in white marble. The three young women symbolize “the excited love”, “the possessed love” and “the lost love.”


The invisible particles of the air
quiver and ignite around me;
the sky dissolves into rays of gold;
the earth shudders with joy;

I hear the murmur of kisses and the beating of wings
floating on waves of harmony;
my eyelids close … What can it be?
Silence! – It is love passing by!

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