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Seville Airport

Seville Airport (Aeropuerto de Sevilla), is located close to the city approximately 10 kms out on the road towards Córdoba. It is the gateway for the millions of tourists who visit the region every year. The airport currently serves over 35 destinations – approximately 30 within Spain and the rest of Europe with the remaining destinations in Africa.


Passengers access the departures lounge situated in floor 1 from the pavement, check in at one of the 42 available check-in desks, then go either to the catering area to await the announcement of their flight, or to the preboarding area, passing first through the security checks. The preboarding zone has a VIP lounge (Iberia), shops, a catering area, toilets and seating. From here, passengers go to one of the fifteen boarding lounges, from where they will board either through the airbridge or by passenger bus. All the destinations are indicated on the information screens at the terminal entrance.


There is an excellent bus service direct from the arrivals terminal to the railway station (Sevilla Santa Justa) which continues on to the Plaza de Armas bus station. It is just 4 euros single.

There are car-hire facilities at the airport and licensed taxis. A taxi into the centre will cost about 25 euros for up to 4 people.

For complete information on Seviile Airport visit the official AENA website

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