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Another growth segment is wellness tourism, an area in which the Region
of Murcia is highly regarded throughout Spain for its renowned thermal
mineral spas, thalassotherapy centres and hotel or resort spas. Moreover,
the Region of Murcia will host in 2011 the 6th Annual World Health Tourism
Congress, which is the most important event within the sector.

The opportunity to enjoy a relaxing break, to escape from the hustle-bustle of dayto-
day life or to immerse yourself in well-being, are all reason aplenty to get away
from the city and spend a few days at one of the Region of Murcia’s thermal mineral
spas, thalassotherapy centres, hotel or resort spas which, together, comprise a
comprehensive portfolio of wellness experiences.

The Region of Murcia’s thermal mineral spas offer modern facilities, wellappointed
hotels, open-air and indoor thermal baths, sports facilities and private
medical services. The Region offers three such facilities located in Archena, Fortuna
and Mazarrón. The first, in the Ricote Valley has Q for Tourism Quality certification
both for its hotels and for its spa facilities, awarded on the basis of the reliability
and quality of its services and facilities. The second is located three kilometres from
the town of Fortuna and is considered to be one of Spain’s most ancient thermal
water spas. The third is located ten kilometres from the town of Mazarrón and is fed
by mineral-medicinal thermal waters from the Pozo Manoli, which at a temperature
of 49ºC, provide for highly beneficial treatments.
The Region of Murcia’s thalassotherapy centres are located along the coast of
the Mar Menor, whose waters are highly saline and rich in magnesium, calcium,
sodium, bromine, iodine and fluorine, which makes them ideal for treating arthritis,
rheumatism, tendonitis, osteoporosis, physical and mental exhaustion and many
other conditions. It is also worth noting that the Mar Menor is particularly suitable
for the elderly and children thanks to the lack of waves, shallow water and greater
buoyancy. Worthy of special mention is the Thalasia thalassotherapy centre in San
Pedro del Pinatar, which is unique in the Mediterranean and offers the very latest
facilities and treatments.

Completing the Region’s wellness tourism facilities are its spas, which use treated
water as the basis for their treatments.

The Region of Murcia has a Health Tourism Consortium –the only one of its kind
in Spain– which promotes the majority of the region’s thermal mineral spas,
thalassotherapy centres, hotel and resort spas.

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