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Vistas de Murcia


The Vistas de Murcia gallery has been created to build a record of photographs for the documentation and promotion of the Region of Murcia.
The gallery is designed to cover landscapes and coastal views showcasing the natural beauty of the region and record locations through seasonal changes and development over time.


To build a picture of the region as a whole the objective of the Vistas de Murcia on line gallery includes the recording of architecture of historical importance and contemporary development to document the changing landscape. In order to provide an insight into the cultural aspects and unique features within the region coverage includes the recording of events as well as contemporary and environmental documentation.

Discover Murcia
The continuing aim of the Vistas de Murcia collection is to provide a lasting resource of imagery showcasing the best aspects of the region in the form of visual art, Travel and exploration of the environment and cultural and historical documentation.

Mark Stocks is a photographer and artist in Murcia, Spain. Each year, Mark publishes a selection of photographs in a series of eBook´s exploring the area and a limited edition calendar, capturing the essence of the region.

After studying art in England, Mark moved to the idyllic region of Murcia to continue his work and develop his photography. Mark´s photos capture the essence of this beautiful region, from man made structures to the stunning natural landscapes that have formed over millennia.

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