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Facts and Figures

Population: 1,446,520 inhabitants
Area: 11,317 km2
Kilometres of coast: 252km
Kilometres of beaches: 90km
Average annual temperature: 19.4º C
* Source: Frontur, IET.


There were 5,175,087 tourist arrivals in the Region of Murcia in 2010. Of these,
1,060,845 were from overseas, i.e. 20.5%. As far as principal inbound markets
are concerned, the UK accounted for a noteworthy 56% of all overseas visitors to
the Region of Murcia in 2010. Next came France with 9% and Germany with 6%.
Between January and December 2010, 4,114,242 Spanish visitors arrived in the
Region of Murcia.
* Source: Frontur, IET.


• 20 marinas with 6,422 moorings
• 9 yacht clubs
• 24 sailing schools
• 21 golf courses
• 7 regional parks
• 1 nature reserve


Murcia-San Javier Airport

Located 47km from Murcia on the shores of the Mar Menor, this airport offers
scheduled flights to Spain’s principal cities as well as charter and scheduled services
to the following destinations:
• United Kingdom (Belfast, Birmingham, Blackpool, Bournemouth, Bristol, Cardiff,
Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Leeds, Liverpool, London
• Ireland (Dublin)
• Norway (Bergen, Stavanger, Oslo, Trondheim)
• Belgium (Brussels)
• Germany (19 destinations via Palma de Mallorca)
• Austria (4 destinations via Palma de Mallorca)
• Switzerland (2 destinations via Palma de Mallorca)
• Denmark (1 destination via Palma de Mallorca)
• España (11 destinations via Palma de Malorca)

Alicante – El Altet Airport

There is direct motorway access between Alicante International Airport and the Mar
Menor (60km) and the city of Murcia (68km).

Region of Murcia International Airport

The new Region of Murcia International Airport, which is being built next to the
Murcia-Cartagena motorway, was given the go-ahead at the beginning of 2004 and
is expected to be built in late 2011

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