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Operation Market Garden

Over the last few years the cooperation and close ties between members of the ex-Forces Associations have grown ever stronger. Each Spring, high ranking officers from the Spanish Military and Government officials have made the trip to Torrevieja for Remembrance Days and other occasions and this year, British groups have been invited to Murcia City to be part of the action for the “Historical Reenact Association CODEX BELIX ( in Murcia, which will take place on the 14, 15 and 16 October. The event consists of a re-enactment of several eras of Marcia’s military history, from Greece to the twenty-first century, as a tribute to those European and Spanish soldiers who gave their lives for their fatherlands, known as “Living History.”

The event features an exhibition of old military vehicles from 1930 to 1940, with replicas and original uniforms, more than 400 actors and 30 military vehicles, plus over 20 hours of educational and cultural activities on Saturday and Sunday, A Theme Park from different historical eras, where the public can participate in various activities, a simulation of famous historic battles (“Market Garden”), represented by “actors” in uniform and with the use of special effects, a convoy of historic vehicles along a route within the city, filming of the event by an independent film producer, plus the presence of the Spanish armed forces, personnel, weapons, vehicles and information offices.
Thanks mainly to the groups involved with “Marbella – 2008” and “Murcia – 2010” the “CODEX BELIX Association” has raised its prestige in the Spanish civil and military institutions, as can confirmed the presence of Spanish Army armoured vehicles, combat troops with equipment plus a few surprises that cannot be described, other than being spectacular. They also have the collaboration and presence of the Guardia Civil, Local Police and Civil Protection to escort the convoy routes of vintage vehicles in the city, with more than 30 vehicles confirmed so far.
For more information on the event, please contact me Tomás Cortés – Codex Belix & 8th Army Spain – phone 647 507 165.


Friday October 14

16.00 – Installation and assembly of military camps in the precincts designated time and educational talks to visitors.
18.30 – Parade through the city of military convoy of old military vehicles.
19.00 – Lecture-conference on a major battle in the city, in the halls of Culture with the participation of historians from the University.
21.00 – End of the proceedings.

Saturday October 15

09.00 – Installation and assembly of the various military camps. Presence of the Armed Forces, Police and local police.
10.30 – Opening Event.
10:45 – historical recreations and educational talks in the various camps with vehicles, equipment and uniforms for the ages of Ancient Greece, Rome, Medieval, Napoleonic Wars, Spanish Civil War, World War II, Vietnam War and other modern conflicts.
12.00 – Parade through the city of the military convoy.
13.30 – Official opening.
16.00 – Recreation historical and educational talks in the various camps. The “Living History”.
18.30 – Parade through the city of the military convoy.
19.00 – Reconstruction of the major battle that took place in the city.
20.30 – End of the proceedings.

Sunday October 16

09.30 – Opening to the public of the resumption of military camps and recreations.
10.30 – Parade through the city of the military convoy.
11.00 – Ceremony at the Memorial Tribute “To all the fallen soldiers for peace in all the wars” in place chaired by the Civil and Military Authorities, which will be attended by various members of the British ex-forces associations.
12.00 noon – Parade on foot and in vehicles of all recreation groups and veterans before the battle.
13.00 – filming the recreation of the battle of the Second World War.
14:30 p.m. ACT OF CLOSING.

Three full days of colourful military re-enactments are certainly something not to be missed. Entrance is free for the majority of the events, especially the parades through the streets. Just be aware to leave yourself plenty of time for parking! A wonderful opportunity to experience a different side of Spain.

Information provided by Keith Nicol Please contact him for further information. © Keith Nicol 2011

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