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The Region of Murcia plays host to a large variety of social and cultural
events. This is the principal reason it has developed a comprehensive
range of facilities and services for the staging of congresses, meetings,
conventions, conferences and symposiums, both at national and
international level.

The regional capital is an ideal destination for professional and business events.
One of the key facilities is the Auditorium and Conference Centre, which has
had Q for Tourism Quality certification since 2006. It has two main conference halls
accommodating 1,838 and 469 people respectively, as well as 15 smaller meeting
rooms accommodating between 20 and 230 people and four multifunctional spaces
ranging from 300 to 1,200m2 in size. All the function rooms feature the latest
multimedia systems, simultaneous interpretation booths and everything necessary
for conferences, meetings and conventions.

Similarly there will soon be a second Conference Centre in Cartagena with 10
conference rooms accommodating 3,000 people, which is expected to open in 2011.
The towns of Torre Pacheco, Yecla and Lorca also have exhibition centres that are
suitable for events of all kinds.

Rural Tourism

The interior of the Region of Murcia is ideal for relaxing, enjoying nature,
sports and good food. This, combined with the quantity and quality of
facilities available, makes the rural interior of the Region a highly
attractive destination.

The good weather means that it is possible to enjoy outdoor activities all year
round and, as a result, the region’s rural accommodations have high annual
occupancy rates and are virtually full during school and public holidays.
Recently, there has been a significant increase in demand for rural tourism products
amongst travel agencies and tour operators throughout Spain, mainly due to the
implementation of sustainable tourism policies and complementary activities, one of
the most popular of which is wine tours.

Wine tours have established a place for themselves as an increasingly important
option, both because of their value-based nature and their expected growth
potential. The Region of Murcia is the only single-province region in Spain to have
three Designated Origin Wine Areas: Jumilla, Bullas and Yecla, and is
working on a series of different initiatives to develop wine tourism as a product and
link it with segments such as leisure, culture and wellness.

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