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La Unión Mining Park

The La Unión Mining Park is a pioneering initiative in the field of reclaiming
historical heritage and its revaluation as a cultural and tourist attraction. A total of
twelve mining elements allow visitors to see “in situ” how miners in the Sierra de
Cartagena – La Unión used to live and work.

The complex, which looks set to become one of the Region’s most important tourist
attractions, covers an area of 50,000 square metres on the lower slopes of the
Sierra Minera and has its own touring train taking visitors to the different sites. Of
particular interest are the refurbishment and conversion of the Agrupa Vicenta Mine
into a museum, with 4,000m2 open to the public at a depth of over 80 metres, and
the Camino del 33, the old access route to the mines, which crosses the Sierra and
links La Unión with Portmán and the Mediterranean Sea.

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