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Golf is another of the areas that the Region of Murcia is targeting and
developing. Considered one of the most attractive segments for tourism,
golf is an engaging pastime whose enthusiasts tend to seek golf-related
destinations for their holidays and consequently create demand for
indirectly related services such as accommodation and parallel or
complementary activities.

In the Region of Murcia golfers can put their game to the test on 21 top quality
courses in a radius of 50km, with a total of 348 holes, each with its own challenge.
Some of the courses have been designed by stars such as Jack Nicklaus, Dave
Thomas or Severiano Ballesteros, who have used their experience and passion to
create thrilling courses where skill and driving power play a key role.
All of which explains why the Region of Murcia is, today, Europe’s new golf
destination, with first class resorts offering all manner of services such as
accommodation, restaurants, sports facilities, spas, shops and academies.

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