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Cultural tourism in the Region of Murcia has evolved towards a new model
based more on the search for experiences than on the concept of
destination. On this basis, culture has succeeded in positioning itself as
one of the driving forces of the tourism industry, integrating a rich historic
and artistic heritage with a wide sense of innovation and the avant garde.
This has given rise to a highly diverse offer, capable of meeting the needs of
visitors, providing access to a wealth of tradition, where different cultures are

Numerous archaeological sites and relics transport visitors back to the Stone Age,
the Iberian period, the splendour of the Roman Empire and speak eloquently of
precise town planning; of Visigothic cities and Arab medinas; of castles and
watch-towers; of Christian temples and churches and of civil and military

The Region’s most important cities – Murcia, Cartagena, Lorca and Caravaca de
la Cruz – are home to the majority of its historic monuments, cultural heritage and

The more modern side of the Murcian cultural scene is reflected in an extensive
calendar of festivals, exhibitions and events, designed to foster artistic activity,
new means of expression and ways of thinking. Particularly worthy of note is the SOS 4.8 Festival, which takes the regional capital by storm at the beginning of May with 48 hours dedicated to live artistic creation, exhibitions and music.

During the same month, the capital is home to the Murcia Tres Culturas [Murcia Three
Cultures] Festival. Streets and squares are filled with people and become open-air
stages for arts from around the world, fostering respect between different cultures.
In July, the San Javier International Jazz Festival and Cartagena’s Mar de Músicas
world music festival take centre stage in the Region’s festival programme, as they
have done year after year.

In August, it is the turn of one of the world’s most important Cante Jondo and
Flamenco events, the Cante de Las Minas International Flamenco Festival, which
takes place in the town of La Unión. Similarly, Torre Pacheco is home to the Lo
Ferro International Flamenco Song Festival, an excellent way to explore and learn
about the world of flamenco at its most authentic.

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