This is Spain is a virtual marketing support service, designed especially with English speaking business owners in mind. We provide a flexible, professional advice and support service, to help your business grow, on a ‘pick and mix’ basis.

We understand that small businesses can’t commit to big retainer fees and consultancy, so we have created a range of flexible support packages and services, to help you. You choose to use us, as it suits you.

Whether you are in the first stages of setting up or you are running an established business, we can help you with marketing planning and advice, competitor research, public relations, company brochures and literature, customer newsletters and promotions, email marketing, website planning and all aspects of online marketing and social networking.

Whilst we are able to offer a local knowledge and experience of the Mallorcan market, marketing techniques apply to all sectors and if it is general advice and guidance on marketing planning and activities that you require, which you can adapt to your specific market place, we are also happy to help.

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Mallorca Marketing’s quick guide to marketing for small businesses

One of the things that is often overlooked when people buy or start a new business is Marketing, but it should be an essential element in any business plan, even for the very smallest company. Many small business owners think that marketing is for the big boys, with big budgets and a marketing agency, but marketing need not cost the earth and if done well, it can bring excellent returns.

Marketing is about making sure your product or service is what the customer wants, is available when and where they need it , at the price they are willing to pay, and then getting that message out to your potential customers to make them buy. With the right guidance and advice you can achieve excellent results from targeted, focussed marketing activity, but without that guidance, you can find yourself spending a lot of money and achieving nothing.

Marketing considerations

1.Before you start – look at your competition. What are they doing right? What are they doing wrong? (in your opinion, and their customers’). How could you do it better? Why will customers want to buy from you instead of them?

2.Getting it right – is there a market for your service? Talk to some potential customers, ask them what they would want from your product/service, how much would they be willing to pay, is the market already saturated, how could you differentiate yours to make it more appealing?

3.Cultural barriers – this is particularly relevant for small businesses where their customers can come from many different cultural backgrounds. German and Spanish customers have different patterns of behaviour to the English and you need to look at your target audience and adapt your messages and services to meet their expectations.

4.Getting the message out – your company image and literature. This is very important as it is often the first impression that people will have of your company, and first impressions last. Don’t try to be clever, just get the message out, clearly, attractively, professionally.

5.Marketing mix – you may have heard of the marketing mix, which is basically a way of saying that you need a combination approach to marketing. People are always looking for that one thing that will turn their business around, but unless you’re very lucky, that doesn’t really happen. It is about a broad and varied approach to communicating with your customers and prospects. The marketing mix includes direct mail and email marketing, advertising, promotions, PR, partnership marketing, sales, newsletters and online marketing. Create a ‘drip, drip’ effect with you marketing to a targeted audience, and the message will get through.

6.Monitor and analyse everything you do – there is little point in spending money on marketing unless you are able to tell if it has worked. Ask customers where they heard about you, keep records and results and you will know whether it is worth repeating or not. Make your advertising work for you, by using coupons or promotional codes. Awareness advertising is the remit of the ‘big boys’. Small businesses need to see a return.

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