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TILDE – Spanish School for Adults in Madrid
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The Spanish school is focused towards motivated adult students of every level and from all nationalities, who have a particular interest in Spanish language and culture. With a combination of classes, places to stay and a diverse range entertainments and cultural activities, TILDE MADRID offers you everything you need to make your stay in Madrid a memorable life experience.


Our students come from many different countries from all around the world; some might come to us taking some time out of their professional lives by enjoying a year’s sabbatical, others for professional reasons, for a holiday or even as part of a career change. What is certain is that they choose our courses because studying among motivated adults is the ideal way learn. Our clients are usually experienced travellers, very open to learning and sharing experiences.

At TILDE, we like our students to feel at home so, in between classes, you can relax over a coffee, do your homework, use the internet or make use of our library. The centre has a number of light and spacious classrooms looking out over an attractive courtyard. It is a peaceful place in which to study, despite the fact that it is only a stone’s throw away from the Puerta del Sol, Plaza de Santa Ana and the Prado, Reina Sofia and Thyssen museums.

All our teachers are specialized in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language and they are university graduates.
Pilar y Lola are the directors of the school with vast experience in Spanish language teaching. They personally serve all students and advise them on the most suitable course and accommodation. “We get involved to make your immersion in Spanish culture beneficial but also relaxed and enjoyable.



Our general programmes have been designed for students visiting Madrid who wish immerse themselves in the language and culture of Spain. We have prepared a variety of intensive courses and we are sure that you will find one to suit your needs.

Practising your Spanish doesn’t begin and end with just the morning classes. There are also a great variety of free afternoon activities that complement your classroom studies and which are open to all of our students, no matter which course you choose.

“ABANICO” was created with the idea of imparting to our students what no classroom study could ever achieve; total immersion. In a country like Spain that preserves innumerable socio-cultural, religious and gastronomic traditions, in combination with the vibrant atmosphere of Madrid, where history and modernity live together in a surprising way, culture becomes a rich source of inspiration. With its famous night-life, and three internationally art museums, there is much to see in this wonderful city.


TILDE has a wide range of courses to meet our students’ needs in a personalized way.
Spanish for foreigners living in Madrid
Spanish via SKYPE
Medical Spanish
Preparation for the Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE)
Business Spanish
Teacher Training



Self-made materials

TILDE has at their students’ disposal its wide range of Spanish teaching textbooks. Our team is constantly working in order to update the contents and catch up the latest educational novelties.

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You will see our way of teaching on YouTube. Learn Spanish Online with the our Free Spanish Lessons

Our latest creation is , where you can find diverse audiovisual material such as video lessons, podcasts, grammar exercises and photographs.

You will see our way of teaching. Learn Spanish Online with the Free Spanish Lessons

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