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About Moving2Madrid

Thinking of Moving to Madrid ? Looking for the perfect property in the capital of Spain ?

For other international people moving to Madrid like you, we searched, filtered, negotiated and enabled them to view the 5-8 best properties on the market the day they chose, and they moved in a few days afterwards. We also were there for all their questions after the signature. All the details of the property search were covered for a transparent standard fee of a month’s rent plus VAT, including a refundable 500 € deposit to start the search.

In a nutshell, what we do is save you time and stress, ensuring you find on time the best apartment in the market for your needs.

Our Property Search Package will include the following steps:

*first do a selection with the best apartments available on the market,
*then organize the viewings the day you choose,
*finally negotiate for you, and make our lawyer review the contract,
*afterwards, be there to field all questions throughout your stay, and help you set up essential logistics; internet and bank accounts if needed

Our credentials and our rating of “Excellent” with an average review of 4.5 / 5 on Google may help you evaluate how we work.

For all terms and conditions, here is our standard contract, so you can see all the details of the services we include.

These top 10 tips for renting in Madrid will also give you the key information to have in mind when moving here.

For all your questions, just contact me, Pierre

We believe in world citizens, expats, foreigners…

We believe they make the world a better place and that our purpose is to help them live fully their international life.

The way we help is by sharing everything we know (hence the blog), challenging the local status quo and by measuring results in terms of happiness.

We just happen to help international people move, buy, rent and/or grow in Madrid via services and this website. Interested ? Keep on reading.

We are Madrid’s property search company, 100% on your side.

We are not agents. We work only for international buyers and tenants. We do not have any links to sellers and are always 100% on your side.

The only property search company by world citizens for world citizens, providing a set-fee all-inclusive Property Search Package.

The only one totally dedicated to buyers and tenants – on your side always, never on the local agent or seller’s side. We have been through the process too, and love Madrid.

The only one featured in leading global media: The Telegraph (3d UK Newspaper), HGTV’s House Hunters International (#1 Real Estate TV channel) and Spain’s El Mundo (3d largest)

They say it too:

We’ve been fortunate that global media & clients say nice things about us:
UK Newspaper: Featured in Telegraph’s “Living in Spain” Guide & Full page feature – 3d largest UK Newspaper in the Uk, 1.7 million daily browsers on online version.
UK TV: ITV featured tips from Madrid for newly moved footballer Gareth Bale to integrate to Madrid
Featured Madrid Relocation Professional for HGTV program House Hunters International – #1 video media on Real Estate, reach: 100 million households in 64 countries.
Featured as leading expert for foreigners buying in Madrid in El Mundo (print & web version), 3d largest Newspaper in Spain, with 350 000 daily readers
Selected as one of the top 6 blogs about Spain by the global news site The Local (2.2 million unique visitors every month)
Recommended by clients on Linkedin and Google. All verified & external sources we do not control, not like testimonials on corporate sites which are scripted.
Pierre, our director, is the most influential real estate professional in Spain on twitter according to expert Cesar Villasante and influence measurement platform Klout

Or just ask us to give you the emails of happy clients. They’ll be happy to tell you themselves !


About Pierre Waters, founder & director

He runs Moving2Madrid, empowering world citizens to live the Madrid life – the good life.
He also created and runs the #1 group for international entrepreneurs in Madrid (400 members, sponsored by Madrid city).
Yes, he lives to help world citizens fall in love with Madrid as much as he did.
French and British, he has lived in Paris, Nice, Beijing, Toronto, London, Barcelona, and many more travels, he finally chose Madrid.
After coming to Madrid in September 2008 speaking little Spanish, he got fluent and received a top consulting job offer within 6 months, and launched this company 2 years later.
He has a Master in Business Management from EDHEC, #11 globally according to the Financial Times.

In another life, he worked as a strategy consultant in several countries, mostly in Accenture.

French and British, he has lived in Madrid since 2008, loves to travel and dances salsa.

If you need help to make your move to Madrid zen, send an email to our specialists
Pierre and Milene

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