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Immersion Spanish in Madrid

Say you want to learn Spanish. What better place than the very country where it originated, and then, what better place than the capital city, Madrid, which is the center of lots of activities any time of the year!

Have you ever wanted not to think about what to do with your spare time once you finish your language classes?

These immersion programs contain a good balance between the number of hours of class with a teacher, and a variety of activities structured to make your stay. The offer consists of classes in the morning, cookery class at lunch time, cultural visits in the afternoon and socializing/relax in the evening.

Program 1: City life is intended for students who are going to stay in the city of Madrid

Program 2: Beyond the city limits is for those who want a taste of the typical Spanish towns, and rural areas.

For more details and prices, check the: Langmasters website or call Angelica Lima Miller on +34 655 217 149

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