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Each day, thousands of people arrive in Madrid ready to chow down on authentic Spanish tapas and sangria. Unfortunately, not everyone succeeds at this seemingly simple task. For every excellent eatery Madrid has to offer, there is another evil twin out there tricking tourists and giving a bad name to Spanish food.

A Madrid Food Tour offers visitors, expats, and even residents the opportunity to explore Spanish cuisine in Madrid without fear of culinary trickery. Our tours go above and beyond the common tapas crawl, offering exciting, dynamic tours that include information about Spanish culture and food history.

Our most popular tour is the Signature Tasting Tour. Over the course of four hours, guests follow one of our passionate guides to some of the city’s best food markets, pastry shops, and tapas bars. You leave the tour full, and with a really good idea of the Spanish kitchen. Our guides also make recommendations for shops, foods, and restaurants to try on the rest of your trip—it’s always a good idea to take the tour on your first day in Madrid!

Other popular tour options are the Tapas and Taverns Tour and the Drink Like a Spaniard Tour. Both are usually held at night, when the city comes alive with people out and about for food and drink. The Tapas and Taverns Tour explores some of the city’s most emblematic taverns, and the group tastes some very traditional Madrid tapas. If you’re interested in Spanish beverages, the Drink Like a Spaniard Tour is a great choice—you’ll try signature Spanish drinks and learn about their history and place in Spanish society.

If you have an adventurous palette, the Bizarre Foods Tour is something you’d enjoy. Offering delicacies such as pig’s ear and sweetbreads, this tour will shock your senses with some surprisingly delicious dishes.

Madrid Food Tour offers these tours and more. We usually go out with small groups, but are more than willing to arrange events for larger groups and private tours too. In the future we are hoping to partner with some local wineries and cheese producers to offer tours outside of the city as well.

Next time you’re in Madrid don’t hesitate to contact Madrid Food Tour for a special look at a special cuisine. Salud!


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