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Clive Read

There may be people that adapt to Social Networks as a duck does to water, but Clive Read is not among them. Yes, he Googles, but is of an age – and inclination – where anything intended to be ‘studied’ rather than ‘browsed’ has to be capable of being held in the hand pages referred to, forwards of backwards.

Perhaps being trained as a letterpress compositor, picking up each individual letter in lead type, to create words, sentences and paragraphs has something to do with his intransigence?

After cutting his teeth in Spain by founding Jávea International Civic Society, and editing and publishing almost 150 issues of their monthly Bulletin, with his wife, Ann, selling the advertising and responsible for collating, folding, stapling and shipping, they went on to give birth to Javea Grapevine magazine.

Seeing the need for a reference work about life in Jávea, for residents and tourists alike, Clive set about putting his mind’s Filofax into print form, with ‘Welcome to Paradise’ that is available in Jávea tourist offices, but also online:

Travel information video about Javea

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